CHART 105 Charlotte Hospitality Training Competencies Conference | March 2-5, 2024 | The Westin


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The Science of Engagement
Sardek Love Sardék Love
Engagement Expert, International Keynote Speaker, Author
Get ready to delve into the fascinating science of participant engagement and unlock the power of Sardék Love’s groundbreaking Engage Framework. You’ll learn the simple yet powerful system that will effortlessly transform even the most content-heavy technical training into profoundly memorable and entertaining learning experiences.

This riveting keynote includes fun and engaging experiential activities that will get you out of your seat! Best of all, you will leave this session knowing how to use these practical, evidence-based techniques:
  • Instantly and effortlessly grab and keep people’s attention for any topic using the Hijack Their Attention Formula
  • Apply the Engagement Begins First by Design, then by Delivery Framework to make tiny changes in course design that create massive levels of participant engagement
  • Use the Law of Engagement to stop talking at people and start captivating and inspiring people to actually want to learn from you


Managing Change for Optimal Results: Are You a Victim, Vacationer, or Volunteer?
Marilyn Sherman Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE
Front-Row Leadership Expert & Hall of Fame Speaker

People default to one of three mindsets when faced with change: victim, vacationer, or volunteer. If you are a VICTIM to change, you feel and act like people are out to get you and you take change personally. You don’t feel your voice matters, so you never speak up. If you are a VACATIONER, you are disengaged and wait for others to make the conversions necessary. You don’t pay attention until it’s crunch time, then you try to ask for help with urgency and last-minute stress. The third and obviously most valued mindset is one of a VOLUNTEER. This is where you are totally engaged, ask good questions, and are resourceful in making the change a success. This workshop addresses how you can manage victims and vacationers and help your team become volunteers to navigate change in order to increase the likelihood of success.

This session will help participants:

  • Identify behaviors that help, not hinder, change
  • Increase communication with teams
  • Decrease workplace stress associated with change

Hot Industry Topic Breakouts

Attendees that are not taking a competency workshop can choose to take one or two alternate breakouts during those time periods.

Project Management with MS Teams Planner and Task Cards
Christina Heilig Christina Heilig
Learning and Development Manager
Dewey’s Pizza
In today's fast-paced and often virtual work environment, effective collaboration and streamlined project execution are more crucial than ever. This session is your ticket to unlocking the full potential of MS Teams Planner and Task Cards to boost your team's productivity and project success.

 Participants will:
  • develop a project plan using MS Teams Planner boards, buckets, Task Cards, notebooks, and charts
  • create a reusable project plan template
  • assign Task Cards with deadlines to project team members and stakeholders
  • customize Task Cards to fit project needs, including adding labels, attachments, and comments
  • leverage MS Teams Planner to facilitate communication and collaboration, allowing for real-time discussions, file sharing, and updates directly within the context of your tasks

Living Fully: 5 Mini Lessons for a Fresh Approach
Kelly McCutcheon

Kelly McCutcheon
Group Director of Restaurant Training & Development

These days, searching for balance, wellness, and self-betterment can be an added source of stress! We have to have it all, do it all, and be it all. Cut yourself a little slack and learn five mini lessons that will help you take a fresh approach to a full life. You’ll walk away with at least one actionable and achievable commitment. Let’s hit that reset button, friends!

You will have fun exploring:
  • the Neuroscience of Stress Resilience
  • the Thermodynamics of Emotion
  • how to form new Neural Connections

Leadership Roundtable
Matt Nelson Matt Nelson
Modern Training
Join other conference attendees at the Manager level or above to engage in an open conversation about L&D strategy. Everyone will contribute to the discussion as we move freely among topics that L&D leaders care about most right now. Matt will facilitate, but the expectation is for the group to ask questions, share ideas, and solve problems together.

 Participants will explore topics like:
  • Implementation
  • Certified Trainers
  • Technology
  • Content strategy
  • Budgeting
  • Creating buy-in
  • …and more!


Change Matters: Navigating Transitions with Resilience
Nadine Willems Nadine Willems-Antersijn, CHO, CLT
Director and Sr. Facilitator
Momax Trainings & More
Change is the only constant, impacting every level of an organization. Whether you're steering the ship or part of the crew, the winds of change touch everyone. To successfully navigate these shifts, individuals must first address their own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

In this empowering session, you’ll delve into the core of change management. Regardless of your role, the key to thriving amidst change lies in self-awareness and intentional responses. You will walk away equipped with a powerful toolkit, incorporating proven techniques and self-assessment tools. Illuminate the twists and turns, even the occasional bumps, on your journey through change.

There are countless books and training programs addressing organizational change. This session focuses on what it actually feels like during a workplace change or a personal change. It provides you with a logical framework to help you gain perspective on the change situation you are facing and develop insight that will guide you through the transition.

Participants will:
  • clearly understand how it feels during a change situation
  • follow and master a six-step process to take responsibility for how you react and respond to change

Live Training is Dead: You’re all-in on virtual training.  Now what?
Caitie Higginbotham Caitie Higginbotham, CHT
Regional Manager
Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association
This dynamic, collaborative session explores the transition from traditional in-person training to virtual learning and where we might have gone wrong in the recent past.  You will learn strategies to overcome the disadvantages to virtual training, whether your current training methods are effective, and how to augment virtual training with in-person reinforcement of training materials.

Participants will be engaged in a discussion about their current training practices, share success stories and struggles, delve into measurable data on virtual training, and explore strategies to optimize training effectiveness by balancing virtual and live training approaches.

This session is ideal if you:
  • have doubts about the effectiveness of your current virtual training compared to previous live training models
  • find yourself repeatedly training individuals virtually on the same subject with no noticeable improvement
  • seek to leverage more virtual training for its convenience over in-person training
Participants will:
  • acquire strategies for enhancing virtual training effectiveness and engagement
  • engage in discussions to discern types of training suitable for virtual sessions versus live
  • devise a strategy for improving their current virtual training setup

Personal Accountability: Achieving Results Starts with You
Kate Stiteler Kate Stiteler, CHT
Director of Training
Sonesta International Hotels Corporation
Great accountability comes with hard work, commitment, and a plan to succeed. Learn how to hold yourself and your team accountable. Rethink how to frame your training in a way that focuses your learner’s attention on holding themselves accountable for achieving the right results. Learn actionable skills and a new method of helping yourself, and your team, hit those Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Participants will learn how to:
  • identify key results
  • align your daily work with those desired results
  • shift your mindset – and those you work with – from “doing the job” to “achieving the results”
  • find a proven method for changing behaviors to achieve the right results

/Imagine AI in the Workplace
Donna Herbel Donna Herbel, FMP, SPHR
CEO and Chief Igniter | Blue Phoenix Learning
COO | Savii
Many businesses have already begun implementing AI solutions, and others are deciding where to start.  Join this discussion-based session exploring how businesses are using AI to engage their customers and employees.

Participants will:
  • meet Khan Academy’s real time learning chatbot mentor
  • explore how one company used hyper-personalized video to increase organic reach for recruitment
  • explore how Nextdoor used AI to reinforce the culture of kindness for all platform users
  • learn about the custom GPT marketplace released by Open AI, and a simple method for leveraging custom GPTs in their own organization
  • share in actual experiences and use cases from CHART members
  • brainstorm how AI can help training teams innovate for learning in the future

The John Maxwell Team Leadership Game
Donna Herbel Donna Herbel, FMP, SPHR
CEO and Chief Igniter | Blue Phoenix Learning
COO | Savii
The Leadership Game is a fun, yet challenging experience designed to assist teams to better understand the core values and principles of healthy leadership. This small-group, game-based session is designed to bring about positive change through communication and connection, and to introduce the timeless principles of leadership that create great work-place culture and deliver impactful results.

Participants will:
  • test their skills in everyday leadership principles
  • engage in open discussions with other participants in a relaxed setting
  • discover ways to strengthen your team’s leadership abilities

AI and Learning Management: A Roadmap to AI Strategy Success
Rachael Nemeth Rachael Nemeth
CEO, Co-founder | Opus Training
Brea Watkins Brea Watkins
Director of Training | Levity Live
In today's rapidly evolving educational landscape, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping the roles of Learning and Development (L&D) Directors and Curriculum Designers. This session combines two unique perspectives – CEO of an AI-powered training platform and Training Director – to explore how these professionals can thrive and be celebrated as their jobs evolve alongside AI.

Participants will:
  • understand the role of AI in modern education and its impact on L&D
  • learn strategies to leverage AI for more effective curriculum design and personalized learning experiences
  • get tips via a Levity Live case study in using AI to improve learner engagement and performance
  • discuss how to stay ahead, ensuring job security and professional growth


Hospitality Training Competency Workshops

Learn more about CHART's Hospitality Training Competencies Program.

Executive Track

Business Acumen
Jennifer Belk White

Jennifer Belk White, SPHR, SHRM-SCT, CHT
Master Facilitator

Kelly McCutcheon Kelly McCutcheon
Group Director of Training | Whataburger
Hone your ability to make profitable business decisions and secure executive buy-in for your programs. Become a valuable partner in your company’s business strategy by learning to better speak the language of business, understand financial and HR metrics, succession planning, talent development, and strategic partnerships.

Communication & Influence
Donna Herbel Donna Herbel, FMP, SPHR
CEO and Chief Igniter | Blue Phoenix Learning
COO | Savii
Master Facilitator
Jason Lyon Jason Lyon
Founder/President | Boondocks Hip Ventures 
Master Facilitator
Become a more effective communicator and motivator. Develop active listening and negotiation skills and other tools that will help you be viewed as the corporate expert and champion on all aspects of training. 

Strategic Planning 
Kate Stiteler

Kate Stiteler, CHT
Director of Training | Sonesta International Hotels Corporation

Gabe Hosler Gabe Hosler, FMP
Solidify your seat at the strategic table by learning to develop corporate plans and quantify results. While you’re at it, enhance your skills and techniques in effective cross-departmental communication and become a closer business partner with leaders in your organization.


Manager Track 

Coaching & Development
Jennifer Johnston Jennifer Johnston, CHT
Learning & Development Partner | Ruth's Chris Steak House
Master Facilitator
Anna Mason Anna Mason
Sr. Director of People Experience | A.Ray Hospitality
Learn to develop your staff by becoming aware of their strengths and weaknesses, using feedback to increase their performance, delegating appropriately, and encouraging team members’ ongoing education and training. 

Operational Knowledge
James Frank James Frank
Area Leader of Training | Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers
Angelina Sabatini Angelina Sabatini
Director of Training & Development | Ford’s Garage
Get a clearer picture of how your team relates to others and fits into the company’s overall organizational structure and strategy so that you can achieve operational excellence. Learn to distinguish between training solutions and operational roadblocks.


Project Management
Kim Evans Kim Evans
Director of Training | Hopdoddy Burger Bar
Ashley Helkenn Ashley Helkenn
Director of Training | Bonchon Korean Fried Chicken
Learn to prioritize training projects by assessing those that provide the best return on investment and ensure training is developed on time and within budget.

Instructional Designer 

Instructional Design Fundamentals
Damian Hanft Damian Hanft
Vice President, Talent Experience | Inspire Brands
Master Facilitator
Judi Bader Judi Bader
Sr. Director of Training and Ops Learning Experience | Willy's
Mexicana Grill
Master Facilitator
Learn to shape raw information into easily digestible, relevant training programs that are directly linked to your company’s mission and business goals. Everything you need to know about training program design and how to get started.

Effective Learning Design
James Lee James Lee
Manager of Multimedia Design | Del Taco
Keith Strew Keith Strew
VP of Learning & Organizational Development | Puttshack
Gain the knowledge and skills you need to be able to understand and clearly present complex issues. Review adult learning principles, learn the necessary skills for program development, and hear how to work with subject matter experts for course content.


Training Evaluation
Jennifer Belk White Jennifer Belk White, SPHR, SHRM-SCT, CHT
Master Facilitator
Mike Andrews Mike Andrews
CSM/ Success Architect | Crunchtime
Get the tools you need to properly evaluate programs to ensure they are meeting objectives and adapting to changes in the operational environment. Learn to make use of the feedback given by executive management, respond to changing stakeholder needs, align training to strategy, and monitor, evaluate, and update programs for effectiveness.


Trainer Track 

Presentation Effectiveness
Felicia White Felicia White, CHT, MBA
Director, Franchise Training | Scooter’s Coffee
Master Facilitator
Shannon Adams Shannon Adams, CHT
Sr. Mgr, Brand Standards Training | Jim ‘N
Nick’s Bar-B-Q 
Discover the behaviors that will enhance your ability to prepare and make a quality presentation that will more effectively drive your company’s sales and build profits. Learn to make a great first impression and immediately capture your audience’s attention.

Participant Management
Rachel Richal Rachel Richal, CHT
Vice President, Training | Buffalo Wild Wings
Master Facilitator
Serah Morrissey Serah Morrissey, SPHR
Senior Director, People Resources | Schoox
Master Facilitator
Sharpen and improve your training sessions by learning to better convey your ideas, motivate and respond to your audience, and effectively use presentation tools — so that attendees walk away from your training sessions having truly absorbed the material. You will learn about different learning styles, group facilitation, and more.


On-the-Job Training
Patrick Yearout Patrick Yearout, FMP, CHT
Director of Innovation, Recruiting, & Training | Ivar’s & Kidd Valley Restaurants
Master Facilitator
Learn how to accomplish this task consistently and successfully in the sometimes chaotic work environments of hospitality organizations. You’ll discover principles of adult learning in field-based education, how to overcome obstacles to learning, effective training for new hires, and using OJT for new product rollouts and new store openings.

Learn more about CHART's Hospitality Training Competencies Program.


Training High Five
Get simple (and yet sometimes blindingly obvious) solutions from our 2024 High 5 member company winners as they share their most effective training ideas and strategies. You will be able to easily implement these tactics that help trainers achieve learning objectives and improve the overall performance of employees. (Do you have an idea? Submit it here by January 15 for consideration for this year's High 5!)



Post-Conference Workshops

Hospitality Training Competency MasterClass: Manager Track - Tuesday, March 5, 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Donna Herbel

Donna Herbel, FMP, SPHR
CEO and Chief Igniter | Blue Phoenix Learning
COO | Savii
Competency Master Facilitator

CHART MasterClasses are in-depth workshops focused on applying the concepts learned in each competency track to the real life projects/challenges/initiatives brought to the session by participants.

The CHART Manager MasterClass is intended for people who have completed all workshops in the Manager competency track, but is open to other attendees who have Manager-level projects that they need assistance with.

The Manager MasterClass will focus on working through each participant’s project, challenge, or initiative. Participants will walk away with:

  • Practical application of concepts taught in the Manager track workshops
  • Best practices for tackling their management challenge or bringing their initiative to life
  • Expert mentor support/guidance

The cost to participate in this workshop is $79.00 for CHART members and $99.00 for non-members. You may sign up for this post-conference session when registering for the conference. If you have already registered and would like to add this workshop, please email Susan.


Harmony in Hues: Mastering the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team - Tuesday, March 5, 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Curt Archambault Curt Archambault, FMP
Consulting Partner, People & Performance Strategies
"Harmony in Hues" is a session that paints the path to team unity through the vibrant lens of the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team. As part of the "Prism of Possibilities" theme, we invite you to explore the brilliant spectrum of teamwork, where each individual's colors blend to create an unparalleled vision of solidarity and strength.

  • Trust Transparency: Learn to mix the foundational color of trust, vital for any team's palette.
  • Masterful Conflict: Channel the energy of diverse perspectives into a rainbow of creative solutions.
  • Commitment Spectrum: Commit to the shared team canvas, where every stroke and color contributes to the bigger picture.
  • Accountability Shades: Understand your role in achieving perfect color balance, where holding one another accountable can create a true masterpiece.
  • Collective Results Radiance: Aim for the gallery of greatness by focusing on collective results that shine brighter than individual achievements.

Step into a session where the Five Behaviors become your team's paintbrushes, each stroke bringing you closer to a masterpiece of cohesion and collaborative success.

This session is only $99.00 and includes your personalized profile, as well as a treasure trove of insights and tools. You may sign up for this post-conference session when registering for the conference. If you have already registered and would like to add this workshop, please email Susan.


De-escalation: Techniques for Addressing and Resolving Challenging Situations - Tuesday, March 5, 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Jennifer Belk White Jennifer Belk White, Ed.D, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, CHT
Alie Gaffan Alie Gaffan, CHT
Senior Vice President of People & Culture, Pacifica Hotels

In this highly interactive session, you will learn to effectively address and de-escalate conflicts and avoid common conflict traps. You'll identify your primary response to potential challenges and walk away with tools and strategies to de-escalate yourself and others. The principles from this workshop can be applied to both guest relations and employee conflicts.

This workshop is being offered for just $49.00. You may sign up for this post-conference session when registering for the conference. If you have already registered and would like to add this workshop, please email Susan.



Pre-conference Service Event at Turning Point

Turning Point10:00 AM - 2:00 PM Saturday, March 2, 2024

At the conference, we will continue our tradition of giving back by participating in a community service project that benefits a local charitable organization. In Charlotte, we are partnering with Turning Point, whose mission is to end domestic abuse, sexual assault, and child abuse through safe shelter, advocacy, prevention, and social change.

It takes a lot of hands to get items ready to hit the sales floor at Turning Point’s upscale resale stores, which provide vital funding for its programs. That’s where CHART’s  volunteers come in!  Charlotte attendees will help sort donations, steam clothing, and clean housewares. Volunteers will also have an opportunity to help out at their shelter by cleaning and sanitizing, sprucing up landscaping, organizing supplies, participating in activities with shelter residents, and cooking a meal!

Learn more about Turning Point and its programs here:

Even if you can't attend the service event in person, you can support Turning Point's mission by helping furnish a bedroom and bathroom at the Domestic Violence Shelter. Click HERE to go to the Amazon Wishlist, or click HERE to download the PDF flyer.

Turning Point Adopt a Room Flyer

CHT Recertification Points

Keep track of your documentation before it’s time to renew! You need a total of 50 points, every 5 years. The point breakdown for each CHART activity is as follows:

1 point per day Conference attendance
3 points per seminar Competency workshops count toward this, in lieu of the 1 point per day of conference attendance
1 point per year CHART membership
5 points per year CHART board member
4 points per presentation Competency and breakout presenters