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CHART 104 Orlando Hospitality Training Conference

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CHART 104 Orlando Session Descriptions

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 The Inclusive Leader:  Drivers of Increased Productivity, Better Processes, and Higher Profits
 Dr. James Pogue Dr. James H. Pogue 
JP Enterprises

Inclusive Leadership is the catalyst that inspires, drives, and creates healthy conflict and boundaries on diverse teams. While the research is "in" on the value of diverse teams, it is critical that both leaders and team members have clarity on the value of inclusive thinking at the leadership level.  

This session will introduce a paradigm shift and challenge underlying assumptions to understanding Inclusive Leadership. This new lens can be used to view your current programs and initiatives; to examine how they are measured, and how they can be enhanced and expanded. Participants will be introduced to the Inclusive Leadership Assessment(TM) as one tool to develop and refine inclusive leadership. Additionally, attendees will take away critical best practices being used to improve Inclusive Leadership across the food industry.

View Dr. James Pogue's Video Invitation to CHART here.


Get More Yes: Ignite Your Influence 
Erin King

Erin King
Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author, Founder
Get More YES Media

Get ready to unlock the most influential version of you – online, offline, and all the time. Whether you struggle with your "screen speak," or need to elevate your in-person impact, you’ll learn precisely how to communicate more compellingly using Erin King's award-winning PUB Method™. Master how to be more persuasive with your digital body language and live delivery style. Give yourself a mindset makeover by overcoming limiting beliefs, and learn how to present your ideas in a way that yields results.

Your confidence and motivation will be activated for your very next meeting or message by:

  • Optimizing your digital body language, including typing emails, messages, and texts (in the first ten words you type!)
  • Elevating your live delivery style to fascinate prospects, clients, and collaborators
  • Upgrading your mindset to overcome limiting beliefs and activate communication confidence

Does how you're communicating in today's new world of work inspire others to say YES to your ask, YES to your idea, YES to YOU? For over a decade, King's proprietary methodology has trained and motivated millions of sales leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs to increase their influence from the keyboard to the boardroom. She is the author of  “Digital Persuasion: Sell Smarter in the Modern Marketplace” and “You’re Kind of a Big Deal- Level Up by Unlocking Your Audacity.”

View a special video invitation to CHART Orlando, and get a preview of Erin's keynote here.


View from Above: Trainers at the Strategy Table
Claudia San Pedro Claudia San Pedro
Head of Inspire Brands Limited Service Category, President, Sonic Drive-in
Everyone knows the importance of training in the hospitality industry, particularly now in a high-turnover, labor-short environment. What tools and skills can trainers obtain to engage in strategic conversations with C-suite leadership teams to drive business results? Restaurant Business 2022 Restaurant Leader of the Year, Claudia San Pedro, will tell us how trainers can build effective training programs for the workforce and present effective business cases at the executive level to gain buy-in for human and financial investment in training. In a post-pandemic environment where consumer and employee expectations have shifted greatly, this presentation will cover these topics and provide you with tangible lessons you can apply to your organization.

Claudia San Pedro, a former public servant, was born in Mexico and got her start working in state government. She was the first woman, and the first Hispanic person, to be named Director of Oklahoma’s Office of State Finance. Over the past 16 years, Claudia has served in a variety of finance and executive roles with Sonic including three years as CFO and the past four years as President. Under her leadership, Sonic successfully navigated through the integration with Inspire Brands and the Covid pandemic, increasing the brand's average unit volume by more than 30%. This is a unique chance to hear from one of the most influential leaders in our industry today!


Learning and Sharing in General Session

Live Ask My Peers (LAMP) 
It’s a community brain trust of more than 250 top hospitality trainers together, in one room, rapid-fire sharing solutions from our industry. Always a highly popular session, LAMP is an interactive roundtable version of our online discussion forum offering best practices in crucial areas identified by trainers, such as implementing recruitment and retention strategies, using artificial intelligence and technology, creating high-performing teams, delivering training and certifications, and crafting effective instructional design.


Training High 5
Get simple (and yet sometimes blindingly obvious) solutions from our 2023 High 5 member company winners as they share their most effective training ideas and strategies. You will be able to easily implement these tactics that help trainers achieve learning objectives and improve the overall performance of employees. (Do you have an idea? Submit it here by May 1 for consideration for this year's High 5!)


CHART Talks: Brief Blasts of Brilliance
This popular, TED-style session features big ideas in small packages. Speakers will each present succinct, and sometimes mind-blowing, rapid-fire ideas in just 10 minutes or less.


Hospitality Training Breakouts

We will have 5 rounds of breakouts, with 6 sessions to choose from offered in each round. Below are the confirmed sessions. Additional breakouts will be added as they are finalized.

MS Teams: One Application to Rule Them All
Bobby Underwood Bobby Underwood
Director of Training, Company Operations, Little Caesar Enterprises Inc.

Only using MS Teams for messaging is like using your smart phone for just text messages. Crazy right? Especially because there is so much dynamic power in this single application that can make training more effective. Many of us are using MS Teams already but are only utilizing a fraction of its capabilities. This session will add some much-needed knowledge sprinkles to your MS Teams cupcake. Learn how to use Teams as a remote classroom, project management hub, resource library, and more. Bring your laptop or mobile device and come join the robust discussion.

Participants will get an overview of the MS teams application functionality including but not limited to: 

  • Exploring the use of Teams Channels to stage and host classroom environments (Praise, Gift Cards, Kahoot)
  • Connecting a myriad of features (Sharepoint, MS Tasks, Approvals, Power BI) to allow effective project management, follow-up, and showcase of outcomes
  • Learning to set up and host a resource library of shared files and links


Bears and Body Language: Reaction Saves Lives
 Ashely Helkenn Ashley Wright Helkenn, MBA, MSML
Director of Training, Bonchon Korean Fried Chicken
What do being chased by a bear and eating in a restaurant have in common? A lot more than you think! Come and learn how the body reacts in fear-based situations, and then use that knowledge to empower leaders to handle hospitality situations where guests are upset. And while it may not work for calming a bear, these methods will help you work more effectively during a shift with team members and fellow leaders. They will also help save your hospitality organization money in the process.


Implementing a Framework for Developing Engaging and Effective eLearning
Bob Duprey

Bob Duprey
Founder, Restaurant Playbooks

Felicia White

Felicia White
Director, Franchise Training, Scooter’s Coffee

Are you responsible for delivering eLearning courses that support mission critical processes and procedures? Do you have a process for measuring the effectiveness of eLearning courses?  Are you seeking ways to make these eLearning courses more engaging and interactive? Effective eLearning delivers quantifiable results that can be measured in multiple ways, including confidence and knowledge lift, sustained behaviors, and business impact. Engaging eLearning grabs and keeps the learner’s attention by utilizing sound instructional and mixed media design methods.

In addition, powerful and inexpensive AI tools are rapidly changing the game for eLearning content development teams. It is critical for L&D leaders and their teams to understand how these new AI tools can be used and abused. The benefits include:

  • Massive time and effort efficiencies in the course design phase, including scripts and content development
  • Major cost savings in both video and voiceover development
  • Cost-effective transcription and translation services

Whether you have an internal team or work with external vendors, this session will help you implement a framework that includes the use of mixed media tools, templates, and processes to design and develop engaging and effective eLearning. This is a perfect session for L&D leaders and senior instructional designers to gain customizable templates, demonstrated real-world project examples, and a demo of AI tools that can support the design and development process.

Key topics and takeaways include:

  • 3 eLearning project templates for delivering complex messages concisely
  • An instructional design framework for effective microlearning
  • A demo of AI tools that can support the design and development process
  • Development of engaging videos using mixed media and Vyond


Positive Culture Impacts Employee Retention
James Frank James Frank
Area Leader of Training, Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers

Gone are the days when a strong company culture was just a nice bonus. Today, culture is a critical part of a brand’s identity, and reflects what the company stands for and how everyone works together. Did you know that one of the most important and valuable resources you have as a brand is loyal, effective employees? More importantly, employees who feel engaged at work are happier, more productive, and less likely to seek other opportunities.

In this dynamic and fast-paced workshop, participants will learn how workplace culture improves employee retention, and how a Learning Culture provides and increases new employees’ trust in the company. Training professionals will master how they can influence the alignment between culture and retention strategies.

 Participants will:

  • Learn how culture attracts, retains, and develops talent to ensure success
  • Have fun doing a Culture-driven team-building activity
  • Understand the benefits a positive culture provides
  • Know why championing a great learning culture is worth it


Tech for the Rest of Us: AI Foundations
Donna Herbel Donna Herbel, FMP, SPHR
Founder and Chief Igniter, Blue Phoenix Learning

Have you experimented with ChatGPT, Perplexity, Midjourney, or other Artificial Intelligence (AI) enhancements, but aren’t sure how to apply these tools in your daily work?  Have you been using AI tools, and wish you better understood how to make them work for you?  Have you begun using new tools and platforms, but been left frustrated or confused because you aren’t sure where to start?  Then you will benefit from this session. 

We are past the inflection point of AI. A team of researchers from OpenAI, OpenResearch, and the University of Pennsylvania recently published that roughly 80% of all workers will be affected or influenced by AI developments.

The hospitality industry is no stranger to this technology in customer interactions, operations efficiency, and marketing efforts. Now, L&D Leaders are challenged with leveraging this important technology to improve current and future training and content strategies, and bring the benefits of quality and efficiency into their organizations.

This hands-on session shares AI principles and case studies of applications, demonstrates AI solutions in action, and provides strategy considerations to apply these principles to current and future work.

Participants will:

  • Understand the background of AI, and how it has already been quietly applied in our daily work
  • Learn case studies of application, and discuss how these experiences can be applied in their own organizations
  • Experience AI in action in content development, asset development, and workplace efficiencies
  • Take away a road map to leverage AI resources to improve content quality while reducing development time


Our Diversity Is Not the Same as Their Diversity
Audrey Benet Audrey Benet
Director of Training, GuestCounts Hospitality
Joanne Goodman Joanne Goodman
Professor, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Valencia College

Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. (DEI) We are told that is what the next generation of leaders is looking for in their future employers. D, E, and I seem to trigger debate on the definition of each concept. Why not turn to that next generation of leaders to define it for us? After several years of facilitating this discussion together in HR for Hospitality classes, this real-world session will utilize knowledge attained in that same college classroom to help you create training that resonates with your younger workforce, while providing your future and current leaders a common language in diversity. Open minds welcome. Diverse thought encouraged.

Participants will:

  • Explore how diversity is viewed by different generations
  • Correlate elements of views on diversity with how they relate to the participants’ brand identity
  • Evaluate how their own DEI training might be impacting their culture (negatively or positively)
  • Discuss different DEI initiatives that have proven a positive impact
  • Identify how they can bridge the diversity training for all trainees (regardless of viewpoint)


Creating a Culture of Being "In" Training
Corban Nichols Corban Nichols
Vice President of Restaurant Excellence, Piada Italian Street Food

We are always 'in' training, whether we realize it or not. The world's greatest athletes, entertainers, musicians, and creatives all have one thing in common: they continually train for greatness. This participatory session will prepare you to create a sustainable culture of training within your organization by using core principles that your teams will relate to and embrace. Be prepared to share best practices and learn how to make your message stick.

Participants will:

  • Learn the principles of being “In” Training
  • Learn how Edutainment creates sticky content that your employees remember long after they clock out
  • Learn how to change the mindset of each employee in your organization to embrace training
  • Discuss how to introduce these concepts in your workplace and share current practices


Train to Retain! How to Bring in the Best Talent — and How to Keep Them
Kate Stiteler Kate Stiteler, CHT
Director of Training, Sonesta Hotels 

Why do good people leave good jobs? Training – and training programs designed to provide tools for personal and professional development – are a critical component of any company’s retention strategy. We’ve heard it before in exit surveys; people leave their jobs because they don’t feel like they received good and effective training, or that they weren’t connected culturally or personally to their company. People also leave when they feel that they don’t have professional or personal development opportunities.

The great news is that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to create programs that make employees feel like welcomed and valuable members of your team. In this session, you’ll learn some simple but incredibly impactful ways that effective training can play a major role in ensuring the best talent stays with you from the moment they walk through your doors.

 Participants will:

  • Participate in interactive activities that will challenge attendees to identify what they want people to feel, think, and need during the first critical touchpoints in a new hire’s career
  • Learn how to “tip the scale in your favor” as it relates to new hires
  • Create a structured “Rule of 6” strategy for leaders to use with new hires in your company
  • Learn how to create and measure impactful development programs 


The “ATE Steps” of Designing Energizing New Hire Learning Programs
Kathryn Harris Kathryn Harris, M.Ed.
Corporate Director of Learning & Development, PCH Hotels & Resorts 

Gone are the days of simply clarifying daily learning objectives in new hire training programs. In today’s competitive environment, new hire learning programs must inspire, motivate and engage new hires.  Learn specifically how to use the ATE Steps in designing programs that will ensure the transfer of effective learning, as well as energize performance.

Participants will learn the ATE Steps of designing training to energize performance:

  • EducATE: Clarifying daily learning objectives with synchronous and asynchronous learning experiences, supported by Learning Coaches that understand how to effectively train
  • ElevATE: Helping new associates understand the WHY of their role – not just the HOW
  • MotivATE: Creating gamification – with or without technology – to engage the learner to “master” new skills
  • IntegrATE: Working with existing team members in developing “Heart Skills” to create a sense of community with new associates
  • CelebrATE: Creating the rituals that celebrate the new associate’s successful completion of their training
  • InculcATE: Embedding the organization’s Mission, Guiding Principles, Vision, and Values into new hire learning


Keepers of Hope: Leveraging Hope-centered Leadership for Engagement and Results
Donna Herbel Donna Herbel, FMP, SPHR
Founder and Chief Igniter, Blue Phoenix Learning

Are your teams getting stuck in the doldrums?  Are you looking for a way to re-energize and re-ignite the energy of achievement?  Is it time to enhance leadership training to better equip leaders to engage and inspire for the future?

The hospitality industry is challenged with inexperience in staff and managers, tremendous shifts in workers' expectations, and manager burnout.

You’ve heard “hope is not a strategy.”  While that may be true, hope is the key to execution and engagement. It is time to learn how to leverage the persevering power of hope.

In this session, hospitality training professionals learn the difference between hope-as-a-wish and hope-as-an-ignition-source, foundations of hope-centered leadership, why it is an emerging critical component of leadership skills, and strategies to apply these principles personally, organizationally, and within manager training programs.

Hope-centered leadership is based on Hope Theory, a subset of positive psychology, which uses a framework to shift attention from focus on current challenges to inspiring action to achieve a better and desirable different reality.

 Participants will:

  • Learn techniques to apply foundations of Hope Theory to goal-setting and engagement to get results
  • Identify and communicate leadership behaviors within a hope-centered framework
  • Discuss potential application in the workplace, within leadership development and as part of manager training programs
  • Take away four techniques to apply immediately to leverage and lead with hope


Become a Strategic Business Partner
Kelly McCutcheon Kelly McCutcheon
Group Director of Training & Development, Whataburger
MYTH: Only the C-suite needs a strategic mindset. MYTH: Strategic thinking skills are difficult to acquire. MYTH: Trainers should stick to working “in” the business, not “on” the business. The TRUTH is that anyone can and SHOULD become a Strategic Business Partner! You’ll learn how to work “on” the business and bring solutions forward using your training lens. Participants will work together to create a real-life strategy for your business following six easy steps. Whether you want to enhance these skills for yourself or cultivate this mindset in others, your journey towards developing strategic thinking starts with a single step – attending this workshop.


Engage, Educate, and Empower Your Team!
Alie Gaffan Alie Gaffan
Senior Vice President of People and Culture, Pacifica Hotels
Myisha Smith Myisha Smith
Corporate Director of Training, Pacifica Hotels

If you’re in the field, doing in-person training, and want to learn how to foster creative, relevant, and engaging meetings, you don’t want to miss this session. You will master how to be inclusive when considering who and how you train all positions and departments in your business, learn how to remove barriers, and realize that some impactful change is as simple as setting up a meeting space. By staying in touch with your audience, you’ll learn now to delight by thinking out-of-the-box. Whether it’s a dishwasher or a GM, pleasantly surprise them with content that aligns with their role. You too can engage, educate, and empower your team at all levels.


Owning Your Own Career Development
Kendall Ware Kendall Ware, CFE, CHT
Keynote Speaker, Former President of Cinnabon
You’ll leave with practical strategies and tools to take control of your professional growth and development while inspiring others to do the same. Identify and leverage your strengths, interests, and values to create a personalized career roadmap. Gain insights into how to build a strong professional network, cultivate new skills, and pursue opportunities for growth and advancement. Through hands-on exercises and group discussion, attendees will leave with a clear understanding of how to take ownership of their career development and achieve their goals. Whether you are just starting out in your career, preparing for a promotion, or looking to make a career change, this session will provide valuable insights and actionable steps to help you succeed.

AI on the Frontline: The Future of On-the-Job Training
Brad Stutzman Brad Stutzman
Head of Growth, PlayerLync
Many teams are now enhancing content authoring and curation with resources like ChatGPT, but what about your store employees? Studies show 43% of them already use ChatGPT throughout their shifts to inform how they do their job. This introduces significant risk to your brand, compliance, and operational standards. In this session, you’ll gain an introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI), how on-the-job training technology is changing, why to give employees an AI experience while on the job, and how to start controlling the AI that is training them.

We’ll also dig into how on-the-job training AI supports organizational initiatives like:
  • Increasing employee engagement
  • Reducing employee turnover
  • Facilitating diversity and inclusion
  • Increasing knowledge retention
  • Increasing change management effectiveness
Regardless of how technical you are, or how advanced your training tech is today, this session is accessible to anyone who wants to understand the future of on-the-job training and how to get from where they are to where it’s going.

Key takeaways include:
  • Vision, financial value, principles, requirements, and project roadmaps learning and development and operations leaders need to guide their organization into the new world of frontline AI
  • Information organization techniques that instructional designers and content creators can apply to train, tune, and control AI algorithms
  • How field trainers can responsibly communicate and guide the change toward AI with franchisees, store managers, and associates
  • Real-world examples of how restaurant and hospitality organizations produce high-performing store teams by incorporating AI into their on-the-job training strategy

Making Learning Stick: Best Practices for Training Effectiveness
Clay Hosh Clay Hosh
Principal Instructional Designer, ServSafe, National Restaurant Association
Yana Keyzerman Yana Keyzerman, CHT
Senior Manager, Content Development, National Restaurant Association

Learning on the job is often a one-time deal. Check the box. Train and move on. But we all know that the purpose of training is to improve performance—to be more efficient, to reduce errors, and to save time and money. So how do we ensure that what employees learned actually sticks? There are things you can do to make that happen. This session will offer research-based strategies to help learners retain information, leading to better outcomes for your organization.

 Participants will:

  • Learn how to transfer information into learners’ long-term memory
  • Discuss pre-training, during-training, and post-training activities that make learning sticky
  • Explore how to incorporate retrieval practice during training
  • Take away a roadmap for training improvement


Aviate, Navigate, Communicate: Piloting Pathways to Success
Yvonne Lloyd Yvonne Lloyd
Product Manager, ServSuccess, National Restaurant Association

Do you ever just want to try out something new without committing? Conducting a pilot training program provides an opportunity to try a small-scale attempt before you make a long-term commitment to it. It may seem like a daunting project that you just don’t have time for. A pilot can make the overall implementation process much smoother. This session will provide tips for a simple and effective approach to conducting pilots, monitoring results, and adjusting your plan before full execution.

Promoting change in any organization can be a challenge—but especially for trainers. Attendees will learn how to smooth the way for organizational change and take off successfully right from the start, with:

  • Tips for a simple and effective approach to conducting pilots, monitoring results, and adjusting your plan before full execution
  • Strategies to get the buy-in you need to get your organization to commit to change
  • Interactive small groups that move through a pilot concept from start to finish

Improving Retention Through Brand Immersion
Christopher Auteberry  Christopher Auteberry
Director, Commercial Learning and Development, Americas, Hyatt

The pandemic has changed the hospitality workforce; onboarding and retention are top of mind for most companies. High employee turnover costs companies time and money. Imagine how your retention would improve if you created a brand ambassador out of every new hire. This session will focus on driving retention through onboarding brand immersion. You will identify your companies “north star” and values, then learn how to use these to drive results.

Participants will:

  • Learn brand strategy and ways to implement this into their onboarding process
  • Build an onboarding action plan with a brand and culture focus
  • Discover brand differentiators that set your brand apart from the competition

The Magic of Engagement Through Storytelling
 David Kreitlow  Paul Miramontes  Matthew Steele
David Kreitlow, Director of Training, Weinerschnitzel
Paul Miramontes, Senior Training Specialist, Weinerschnitzel
Matthew Steele, Manager of Training and Development, Weinerschnitzel
Creating engaging training goes beyond just delivering information – it's about fostering a meaningful connection with your audience. In this session, you’ll explore the magic of storytelling as a powerful tool for capturing hearts and minds, no matter who your participants are. You will master how to tailor storytelling to different learning styles and how to incorporate stories into different training formats, such as on-the-job training, e-learning, and classroom training.

Gain a deeper understanding of the power of storytelling in training, and collect practical techniques for incorporating storytelling into your own training programs. You will be inspired and equipped to create engaging and memorable learning experiences for your employees.

 Participants will:
  • Better tailor storytelling to different learning styles and into different training formats, such as on-the-job training, virtual learning, and classroom training
  • Take away practical techniques for incorporating activities and storytelling into training programs

Worst. Training. Ever.  (Even worse than last year!)
Jennifer Belk White Jennifer Belk White, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
HR Director, Lumina Foods
Imagine this – you facilitate a training session and learners are bored, disengaged, and completely disconnected. You stand there, sweating, frustrated, freaking out because you have important content that they need to know, and you’re just not getting through to them. What can you do?

This session is an extension and enhancement of last year’s popular session. You will expand upon the top ten ways to make your training terrible, and provide even more suggestions to waste your learners’ time!

But seriously – we all want to develop and implement outstanding training programs, but we can easily fall into behaviors that impede our success. In this session you will explore how to inadvertently limit our training programs and the alternatives that can support the learning experience, enhance transfer of knowledge and skills, and positively impact the business.

Participants will:
  • Explore training methods which are common but ineffective, and contrast them with alternatives which better support learning
  • Develop a rubric for evaluating training design to ensure training content and delivery are aligned with business needs and connected to learners


Executive Roundtable
Matt Nelson

Matt Nelson
Modern Training & Development, Inc.

Damian Hanft Damian Hanft
Vice President, Talent Experience
Inspire Brands
Join other conference attendees at the Director level or above to engage in an open conversation about L&D strategy. Everyone will contribute to the discussion as we move freely among topics that L&D leaders care about most right now, such as:
  • Implementation
  • Technology
  • Content strategy
  • Budgeting
  • Creating buy-in
  • …and more!
The expectation is for the group to discuss freely, share ideas, and solve problems together. This roundtable will cover some of the best practices developed through Modern Training’s work with multiple brands and Inspire Brand’s world-class training programs with takeaways for directors and above.


It's So Hard to Say Goodbye: How to End Your Conference (or Training) to Have a Lasting Impact!
Kelly McCutcheon Kelly McCutcheon
Group Director of Training & Development, Whataburger
We’ve all been there - the buzz you feel at the end of a conference (or training) quickly wains when you return to the real world. But there is a way to make that feeling last and expand the impact that goes along with it. It all starts with the way you end.




Pre-Conference Workshops

Certified Hospitality Trainer (CHT) Review and Exam — Saturday, July 29, 8:00am - 5:00pm
Erin Mills

Erin Mills, CHT
Director, Ops Services and Performance Management, Inspire Brands

If you are ready to upgrade your career, there is no better sign of a pro than the CHT achievement. Sign up for this review and exam for the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) Certified Hospitality Trainer Certification. In order to attend this session, you must apply directly to AHLEI by June 30.

All study materials are provided online in advance. Study on your own in advance, attend the review session Saturday morning, July 29, and then sit for the exam Saturday afternoon.

The review session will help you learn how to: assess training needs, apply training tools and techniques, design instruction, measure and evaluate training, develop supervisory and management personnel, and outsource. Then, take the exam with the new knowledge and confidence to succeed!

Go to https://info.ahlei.org/chart-cht/ to register. If you have already completed the application process and are currently enrolled in the CHT program, contact the Certification department at 407-999-8195 or email [email protected]. When registering, enter coupon code CHARTCHT for the CHART discounted price of $425.



Two of CHART's Hospitality Training Competencies will be offered as pre-conference sessions in Orlando:

Trainer Track: Presentation Effectiveness
Patrick Yearout Patrick Yearout, FMP, CHT
Director of Innovation, Recruiting, and Training
Ivar's and Kidd Valley Restaurants

Saturday, July 29, 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Discover the behaviors that will enhance your ability to prepare and make a quality presentation that will more effectively drive your company’s sales and build profits. Learn to make a great first impression and immediately capture your audience’s attention.

The cost to attend this workshop is $79 for members, $99 for non-members. You will have the option to add this session when you register for the conference. If you have already registered and would like to add one or both of these pre-conference workshops, contact the CHART office



Manager Track: Project Management
Curt Archambault

Curt Archambault
Partner Consultant, People & Performance Strategies

Tara O'Neill Tara O'Neill
Vice President of Training and Experience, Ciccio Restaurant Group

Saturday, July 29, 12:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Learn to prioritize training projects by assessing those that provide the best return on investment and ensure training is developed on time and within budget.

The cost to attend this workshop is $79 for members, $99 for non-members. You will have the option to add this session when you register for the conference. If you have already registered and would like to add one or both of these pre-conference workshops, contact the CHART office



CHT Recertification Points

Keep track of your documentation before it’s time to renew! You need a total of 50 points, every 5 years. The point breakdown for each CHART activity is as follows:

1 point per day Conference attendance
3 points per seminar Competency workshops count toward this, in lieu of the 1 point per day of conference attendance
1 point per year CHART membership
5 points per year CHART board member
4 points per presentation Competency and breakout presenters


Service Event at Clean the World

Clean the World
World Headquarters, 2544 E Landstreet Rd, Suite 600 Orlando, FL 32824
Saturday, July 29, 2023 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

THEIR MISSION: We are excited to partner with Orlando-based nonService Event Volunteers - CHART 103 Seattleprofit organization, Clean the World, whose mission is to save millions of lives by distributing recycled soap and hygiene products to impoverished people around the world. Clean the World collects and recycles discarded soap and plastic amenity bottles from more than 8,100+ hotel and restaurant partners. 

WHAT WE'LL BE DOING: CHART volunteers will have an opportunity to work on sorting hotel soap and bottled amenities, boxing NGO soap for distribution, unpacking donated soap for processing, building boxes, and sorting other donations and amenities. There may also be opportunities to assist with cleaning and organizing the warehouse. All of the tasks will be determined based on the Foundation's needs on the day of the service event.

WHY JOIN IN: The Service Event is the ideal way to kick off your CHART conference by giving back to our host community, working alongside others, and starting your connections and networking early. You can sign up to participate when you register for the conference. (If you have already registered and would like to participate, just email Susan to be added to the list. Registrants will receive further details from event organizers, including a waiver that must be signed prior to participation.)

CONTRIBUTE OR DONATE: If you would like to contribute more than your time, Clean the World is always in need of gloves. Donations of gloves will be enthusiastically accepted if you wish to bring a box or two with you to the service event. If you cannot attend the service event, but still want to contribute, Clean the World is delighted to accept monetary donations via their website cleantheworld.org anytime.