Hospitality Training COMPETENCIES Conference

Experience three life-changing days with top hospitality training professionals, discover best training practices, and connect with your peers at CHART 103 Hospitality Training Competencies Conference, March 4-7, 2023 at the Westin Hotel in Seattle, WA.

Mastering the professional skills necessary for success across a variety of roles in hospitality training can take your career anywhere you want to go. The world of hospitality training opens up for you when you invest in your personal and professional growth! Join us for three days of immersive competency-based training, high-quality connections, and the celebration of personal and professional development. It is sure to be an impactful life- and career-changing experience and a whole lot of fun, besides!

A conference designed by trainers for trainers

CHART's annual Hospitality Training Competencies Conference is the place hospitality training professionals gather to learn, connect, and grow. This event is specifically designed for:

2022 CHART Austin Hackathon Winners#1 The hospitality training and Human Resources professional. If you are employed by a lodging, foodservice, or other hospitality operation, and have the responsibility to create, implement, or oversee programs for education, training, and developing human resources - this event is for you. You will be amazed at how many people you connect with who have walked in your shoes and want to share and help.

What makes CHART so unique is the vibrant, dedicated membership, combined with the fresh perspectives of new attendees. These are people just like you who are looking to improve performance for themselves and their organizations, are high-energy, and enjoy having fun.

#2 Are you new to hospitality training? No worries, we've got you. We have an onboarding program just for First Time Attendees to help you feel welcome from the start and get a jump on how to make the most of your conference experience. Plus, much of the content is designed so you can quickly learn best practices and new techniques.

Here is why you should attend this conference

#1 Discover the transformative power of immersing yourself in competency-based training. When you make time for your own professional development, amazing growth happens. 

Breakout activity in CHART AustinIn our valuable winter Hospitality Training Competencies Conference, all 12 of CHART’s competency certificate workshops will be offered along with our keynote session, hot industry topic breakout sessions, team-building activities, networking opportunities, Resource Gallery Expo, and more. Our four competencies tracks cover the major roles in hospitality training: Executive, Manager, Trainer, and Instructional Designer.

Complete these workshops and tracks, and gain immediate recognition for your achievement through print-on-demand certificates. Our beautifully designed pins will also be awarded in Seattle. If you have taken CHART Competencies in the past, you can log in to the CHART Competency Certificate Tracking System to see what you have completed and plan your development for the year. And if you are new, our Certificate Tracking system is an easy and convenient way to track your progress.

#2 Develop a trusted network and lasting relationships you can draw upon for years to come. Networking doesn't even begin to describe what happens at CHART. CHART is renowned for its sharing format, where your time to interact with others is woven throughout the agenda. This ensures you will make high-quality connections and even great friendships that last well beyond conference time.

Hospitality Training Transformation Begins Here:

#3 Experience an amazing conference value with your ROI in mind.
CHART strives to keep costs low to keep attendance well within your training department's budget. CHART conferences feature central locations in off-peak times, low room rates, most of the meals, and three nights of refreshments in the Hospitality Suite. Not to mention the educational content!

#4 Enjoy the vibrant city of Charlotte! There is no better place to begin, and no better time than now to focus on your professional development and open up a world of possibilities for your future.

#5 Earn CHT recertification points. Trainers who have earned their Certified Hospitality Trainer (CHT) achievement through American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) need a total of 50 points every 5 years to be eligible to renew. CHART membership, conference activities, and other involvement count toward this goal. See the points structure.


Download a draft letter to your supervisor listing the networking, resources, solutions, and information that you will be bringing back to your company from CHART 105 Hospitality Training Competencies Conference. Customize it to include the specific sessions of interest to you and your organization.

Learn More about CHART's Hospitality Training Competencies Program

The CHART training competencies are the professional skills necessary for helping trainers to grow and provide greater value to their respective organizations. This program defines the competencies necessary for success across a variety of roles in hospitality training—executive, manager, instructional designer and trainer. See program details.

Breakout Participants CHART Austin

 CHART Conferences are open to individuals who are eligible for membership. Attendees must be employed by multi-unit lodging, foodservice, or other hospitality operators, and have the responsibility to create, implement or oversee programs for education, training, and developing human resources. 


Email c[email protected] for information on how you can participate in this industry event.